Amy Thorn

Executive Director, DBM Association

Amy Thorn is the Executive Director of the Distribution Business Management Association, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She oversees the creation and execution of educational forums like the Supply Chain Leaders in Action (SCLA) and the day to day operations of the association.

Mrs. Thorn is also the founder and Editorial Director of the DBM Journal. The Journal is written and edited for executives and managers responsible for defining, creating, implementing and integrating supply chain strategies. It aims to help professionals remain informed about the latest and the most innovative ways to minimize their company’s distribution and logistics costs, streamline their supply chain and maintain high standards of both quality and customer service.

Previously, Mrs. Thorn worked for several years as a Senior Communication Specialist at EG&G engineering where she acquired Q clearance while working with nuclear engineers and the Department of Energy. Subsequently she was a reporter with the television news program PM/Evening Magazine.

Amy received a Bachelor’s degree from Elizabethtown College and also was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award. She is co-owner and winemaker for Thorn Hill Vineyards, a California winery with locations in Napa, Sonoma and Lake County.