Supply Chain Leaders in Action (SCLA) is by invitation only, lasts three years, and all members adhere to strict anti-trust rules. Membership is for three consecutive years and may be extended upon expiration. Attendance is limited to 400 executives representing the senior management of about 70 major corporations. The combined annual revenue base of attendees exceeds $1.5 trillion.

The Purpose

The Supply Chain Leaders in Action (SCLA) Business Forum seeks thought leaders on the cutting edge of supply chain planning and omnichannel strategies.

The SCLA Executive Symposium

This program is three days of condensed, personalized, executive education that increases supply chain knowledge and addresses the concerns of corporate management teams. The program is designed to significantly increase supply chain efficiency, address pressing issues, and build problem solving skillsets.

The Program consists of the following unique elements:

  • Super Sessions
  • An intensive program designed to give attendees more than what ordinary conferences provide. These sessions are interactive, giving attendees an opportunity for hands-on learning and industry benchmarking. Corporate executives and industry experts work together with university faculty to use technology that pertains to the session. Attendees often discover best practices and novel solutions which they later utilize at their own companies.
  • Keynote Sessions and Panels
  • Specialized keynote sessions and panels are specifically chosen based on the needs of SCLA member companies. Keynotes are designed not only to inform, but to engage the audience in an interactive discussion which enhances the learning experience.
  • Peer Group Sessions
  • Within the 50 member companies of SCLA you’ll find some of the most forward thinkers in supply chain solutions. Peer group discussions occur daily and give attendees the chance to exchange ideas in an open and supportive environment. Sharing ideas across industry platforms allows companies to improve supply chain performance.
  • Breakout Sessions
  • The SCLA program hosts specialized breakout sessions and panels specific to the needs of SCLA members. Industries in both vertical and horizontal markets face many of the same supply chain issues and these sessions acknowledge that reality. Breakouts cover hot topics, best practices, and future trends that have industry wide implications. If it’s an innovative, proven, or pressing issue you’ll hear about it during these sessions.