Getting Back to Work Post-COVID: How One Large Company Has Already Safely Achieved This Milestone

I recently published an article on LinkedIn about the idea of "distributed work," which is dramatically reshaping organizations of all sizes both inside and outside the supply chain industry. (The term refers to employees being physically distributed in various locations distant from one another, and it includes those who are working from home due to the pandemic.)

Based on research presented by my colleague Todd Steffen, Vice President of Supply Chain & Real Estate Advisory Services at Colliers International, distributed work is already shaping the "workplace of the future," and that was my focus in that earlier post. Some employers have embraced a distributed workforce and will continue to do so long after COVID-19 is a distant memory.

Distributed Work is Not for Everyone

But what about organizations that still function best through in-person work in a centralized location, such as corporate offices or distribution centers? As the pandemic continues to significantly disrupt in-person work, these companies have had to get creative—or face big problems and losses.

During our most recent SCLA Executive Think Tank group discussion, we heard from our friends at Jockey International, Inc., the Wisconsin-based intimate and lifestyle apparel maker. They have shown us that it doesn't have to be a struggle to bring their teams back to the traditional workplace. Tim Taylor, SVP, Chief Supply Chain Officer, and HR Executive Lisa Johnson shared all of the things that Jockey has done right to get back to work safely.